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If you are thinking of selling or buying a property and have doubts about the market price, we offer you approximate valuations or very specific appraisals in the current and real market, we have the experience of knowing the areas very well since during the last years we have made numerous sales that have guided us to value the properties, in any case you as owner have the last word, influence several factors when it comes to appraising a property as they are;

The Zone, in what state the infrastructures and streets are located, if there is car traffic, proximity to assistance services, proximity to green areas, sea or panoramic views, privacy and privacy of the property, square meters of the land, etc..

The property, its state of conservation, distribution, orientation, decoration, maintenance of the garden and the pool if any, facilities (alarm, heating, air conditioning, adsl, telephone, satellite, etc... ), many other extras such as BBQ, etc..

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